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I enjoy the laid back integration that Julie offers with her group gatherings and healing touch sessions.

Her guidance helps me explore new corners of my inner soul. I become more myself after each meeting.

I love the curiosity and passion for learning that we all share. Whether it is intellectual or spiritual journey it is always FUN with Jules!

-Nataliya Madrid

Assistant Store Manager

My session with Julie was affirming and supportive. I was completely relaxed during the session and am feeling the benefits still a few days after the session as I write this.

I have cleared some physical/emotional blocks and am feeling very refreshed and balanced, peaceful and supported.

-Pam Turner

Career Coach, Meditation Trainer

Julie is very understanding, kind, and calm. She is professional yet relaxed. She explained energy exchange process in a way I could understand and provided a calm space. She allowed me to have my own experience, free of expectations, yet provided examples of how others had received healing touch. I felt well cared for and open to new experiences.

During the session, I felt extremely light and open. I was able to experience true calm. And now, days after, I am able to share wholeheartedly. My energy is higher yet calmer. I have never felt lighter.

Lizz Baxter


This whole experience is something very new to me. I’ve never had an experience like this before but Julie was absolutely amazing! I really gave myself into the process and kept my mind open. Julie was very intuitive and I felt much more relaxed after the session.

My knees which were hurting me a lot before the session, felt lighter. But most of all, my mind felt clearer which was big! I was pleasantly surprised to feel benefits even from a distance.

I would recommend others to try healing touch if they are stressed, feeling pain, anxious, etc.

–Bridget DeGarmo

Quality Environment Health Safety Manager

Julie is focused on whole person health. She is thorough and her communication is great.

I felt very cared for and supported

both during and after my session.

I felt results immediately. And since the session, I’m feeling very relaxed and much less tension.

–Dustin White


Being a stay at home mother, time can be an issue for me.  That’s why the Distance Healing Touch session worked great!  I enjoyed the relaxed feeling I felt afterward, and the time that I took to just “be”. 

The day after the session,

I had more patience

and felt less anxious.

Julie has a gift for connecting with others and meeting them right where they are. I felt a significant relief from stress after the session.

-Sarah Weiner Collins

Stay at Home Mother


Julie’s healing touch sessions help me to feel

calm and relaxed.

I often have very

peaceful images

that come to me during the session

that I carry with me afterwards!

-Dan Morris

Social Worker

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 2.44.15 PM.png

It is hard to put into words how much Healing Touch with Julie has helped me. The past couple years have been full of transition in my life with regard to work, family, relationships, health, and spirituality. I appreciate every aspect of the Healing Touch session with Julie. It is really helpful for me to spend time sharing prior to the appointment. The session itself is very reverent and relaxing.

 I always leave feeling

nurtured and seen and heard.

HT sessions are a crucial part of my self-care.

I am beyond grateful for Julie’s gift of encouragement, hope and healing.

-Kelly Payne

Intake Coordinator



photo of topless woman

Last week I was down with a nasty throat infection and had a big presentation in a couple of days, which I thought I would have to cancel.

Julie performed distance healing on me and thanks to her I was back on my feet the next day and had a great presentation too.

Truly grateful to Julie. I recommend her to anyone in need of healing.

-Vidya Murlidhar

Author and Blogger


Each time I have been blessed enough to have a healing touch session with Julie,

I have left feeling more connected to my body, that my energy is flowing more freely, and an overwhelming sense of peace.

She takes such an invested approach, talking with you first about challenges you are hoping to address and where you are in life, then she sets a very calm, relaxing environment for your session. She intuitively finds and heals any energetic or physical blockages.  You can feel her gentle, positive and genuine intention in helping you. I highly recommend going to Julie for Healing Touch!

–Michele Henn