Struggling with Anxiety?

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Healing Touch will relax your body, offering immediate relief from anxiety;

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Julie’s healing touch sessions help me to feel

calm and relaxed.

I often have very

peaceful images

that come to me during the session

that I carry with me afterwards!

-Dan Morris

Social Worker

Julie is very understanding, kind, and calm. She is professional yet relaxed. She explained energy exchange process in a way I could understand and provided a calm space. She allowed me to have my own experience, free of expectations, yet provided examples of how others had received healing touch. I felt well cared for and open to new experiences.

During the session, I felt extremely light and open. I was able to experience true calm. And now, days after, I am able to share wholeheartedly. My energy is higher yet calmer. I have never felt lighter.

Lizz Baxter