Struggling with Anxiety?

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Digital Anxiety Journal

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Discover the root of your anxiety,

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Healing Touch will relax your body, offering immediate relief from anxiety;

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Julie is focused on whole person health. She is thorough and her communication is great.

I felt very cared for and supported

both during and after my session.

I felt results immediately. And since the session, I’m feeling very relaxed and much less tension.

–Dustin White


This whole experience is something very new to me. I’ve never had an experience like this before but Julie was absolutely amazing! I really gave myself into the process and kept my mind open. Julie was very intuitive and I felt much more relaxed after the session.

My knees which were hurting me a lot before the session, felt lighter. But most of all, my mind felt clearer which was big! I was pleasantly surprised to feel benefits even from a distance.

I would recommend others to try healing touch if they are stressed, feeling pain, anxious, etc.

–Bridget DeGarmo

Quality Environment Health Safety Manager