My session with Julie was affirming and supportive. I was completely relaxed during the session and am feeling the benefits still a few days after the session as I write this.

I have cleared some physical/emotional blocks and am feeling very refreshed and balanced, peaceful and supported.

-Pam Turner

Career Coach, Meditation Trainer

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I have really enjoyed my experience of receiving healing touch on three occasions now. I have had massages and various freeing spiritual experiences, but I didn’t know what to expect when I first signed up for “healing touch.” I admit that the experiences have exceeded my initial expectations.  They have been professional 

and brought lightness when there has been heaviness.

Julie will first ask you what is going on, and if you have come for anything specific. Based on this, she will determine which energy fields are possibly being effected and will plan the session accordingly. It is a very peaceful and balancing experience, and therefore I highly recommend taking advantage of her services, as we live in a world that is very unbalanced and can use all the help we can get to stay in tune.

-Carrie L.

High School English Teacher