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Being a stay at home mother, time can be an issue for me.  That’s why the Distance Healing Touch session worked great!  I enjoyed the relaxed feeling I felt afterward, and the time that I took to just “be”. 

The day after the session,

I had more patience

and felt less anxious.

Julie has a gift for connecting with others and meeting them right where they are. I felt a significant relief from stress after the session.

-Sarah Weiner Collins

Stay at Home Mother

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 2.44.15 PM.png

It is hard to put into words how much Healing Touch with Julie has helped me. The past couple years have been full of transition in my life with regard to work, family, relationships, health, and spirituality. I appreciate every aspect of the Healing Touch session with Julie. It is really helpful for me to spend time sharing prior to the appointment. The session itself is very reverent and relaxing.

 I always leave feeling

nurtured and seen and heard.

HT sessions are a crucial part of my self-care.

I am beyond grateful for Julie’s gift of encouragement, hope and healing.

-Kelly Payne

Intake Coordinator