Struggling with Anxiety?

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Digital Anxiety Journal

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Discover the root of your anxiety,

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Healing Touch will relax your body, offering immediate relief from anxiety;

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My session with Julie was affirming and supportive. I was completely relaxed during the session and am feeling the benefits still a few days after the session as I write this.

I have cleared some physical/emotional blocks and am feeling very refreshed and balanced, peaceful and supported.

-Pam Turner

Career Coach, Meditation Trainer


Each time I have been blessed enough to have a healing touch session with Julie,

I have left feeling more connected to my body, that my energy is flowing more freely, and an overwhelming sense of peace.

She takes such an invested approach, talking with you first about challenges you are hoping to address and where you are in life, then she sets a very calm, relaxing environment for your session. She intuitively finds and heals any energetic or physical blockages.  You can feel her gentle, positive and genuine intention in helping you. I highly recommend going to Julie for Healing Touch!

–Michele Henn