Courage Challenge

It’s time to conquer fears and live life fully!  What makes you uncomfortable?  What scares you?  The older that we get, the more cautious we seem to become.  Some people say it is wisdom, but I disagree.  I think when we stop trying new things and pushing ourselves, then we lose the ZEST that we had as kids.  I challenge you to a month of trying to do something that scares you.  Can you do it?

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.05.32 PM

Challenge #1:  Be vulnerable.

It makes me uncomfortable to post a public video of myself.  But here I am willing to try one in order to help others learn some Healing Touch self-care.

Links to videos:

Introduction to Self Mind Clearing

Guided Self Mind Clearing


Challenge #2:  Do something physically daring.

I tried mountain biking!


Challenge #3:  Face a fear.

I faced my claustrophobia in Linville Caverns.


Challenge #4: Try something you always dreaded or thought that you couldn’t do.


For me, that is taking care of a dog (namely picking up the poop).  I know so many people do it without a thought, but we all have something that grosses us out, right?   


NOTE: I did these challenges in 2019.  This was one of the fears I got over in order to get the sweet puppy that I have today!


Challenge #5: Alter your appearance.

What an opportunity to see if people treat you differently based on how you look.  Maybe you always hide your face with make-up…so try a day without it.  Maybe you are afraid of standing out…time for that new hairstyle.  What about your clothes?  Reveal your body more…or less.  Wear something you never thought you could pull off.