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You Can Heal Your Life: A Book Review

LInk Here The Breakdown: Louise Hay was a self-healer, a guru of positive affirmations, and a pioneer teacher of how your mind can heal your body. She reached millions of people through her books and appearances on television. This is her most famous book and was originally offered as a more in depth follow up… Continue reading You Can Heal Your Life: A Book Review

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Claim Your Power: A Book Review This was the perfect book for me to read in 2020 while I had so much time to contemplate it at home. It truly opened my eyes and gave me solid steps to begin to break free from the stuck areas of my life. It is a 40 day journey and so it is… Continue reading Claim Your Power: A Book Review

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Energetic Boundaries: A Book Review

Find on amazon During the Pandemic, people have been creating and maintaining physical boundaries. But what about your energetic boundaries? Do you realize how important fortifying your energetic field is in building your immune system and protecting you from the negativity coming from others? Many of us have damaged boundaries that can be repaired once… Continue reading Energetic Boundaries: A Book Review

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Braiding Sweetgrass: a book review A woman from one of my facebook groups posted that she read a little of this book each morning to center herself. I immediately downloaded it from the library and began to read it over the summer. I loved how I would read about wild strawberries, just as I was finding them in my… Continue reading Braiding Sweetgrass: a book review