Three Free Fun Apps That I Just Downloaded

Have you discovered any new apps that have made your life easier or just brought a smile to your face? Here are 3 that have been around for a while but maybe you haven't heard of them either. If none of them sound fun to you, let them serve as an inspiration to find an… Continue reading Three Free Fun Apps That I Just Downloaded


Treat Yourself Birthday Deals!!!

Who doesn't love free stuff? I love joining birthday clubs at restaurants and then treating myself all week long! Here are the great finds that I used this year. Would love to know of other great deals that you have found in the comments below! For Breakfast: KRISPY KREME--A Dozen Glazed Donuts! Why not treat… Continue reading Treat Yourself Birthday Deals!!!

Anxiety Help, DEALS

Unwind Your Anxious Mind

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Insomnia or nightmaresInability to eat, indigestion, uclers, or a knot in your stomachUnfocused, scattered mindShortness of breath, tight chest, or choking feelingExcelled heart rate or feeling overheated in certain situationsRestless energy, yet tiredEasily frustrated and irritableCold sweats unrelated to a feverRunning mind, can't stop thoughts from spiraling… Continue reading Unwind Your Anxious Mind