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You Can Heal Your Life: A Book Review

LInk Here The Breakdown: Louise Hay was a self-healer, a guru of positive affirmations, and a pioneer teacher of how your mind can heal your body. She reached millions of people through her books and appearances on television. This is her most famous book and was originally offered as a more in depth follow up… Continue reading You Can Heal Your Life: A Book Review

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Where Catholicism and Woo Meet

When I first started my own business, I went to other entrepreneurs for advice. They all said that you are your own brand and if you just be yourself, people will be drawn to you. It sounded to me like a cliche from a Disney movie. But cliches always start from a truth, right? The… Continue reading Where Catholicism and Woo Meet

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My Favorite Ways to Get Grounded in the Spring

With longer daylight hours, many are feeling more energized and active. At the same time, allergies and a shift in the seasons can be draining. If you find that you are restless and can't sleep at night, unfocused and scattered during the day, or feeling any anxiety or stress, you could benefit from some grounding… Continue reading My Favorite Ways to Get Grounded in the Spring

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The “Elite Eight” of Energy Work

As many are watching the Elite 8 teams in college basketball play-offs this weekend, I thought, "Why not share my own list of the Elite 8 in energy wellness?" So here it goes: Importance of Grounding Grounding yourself, feeling connected to your body and the earth, is one of the first steps to any energy… Continue reading The “Elite Eight” of Energy Work

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How I Rediscovered A Lost Dream Through Energy Work

Do you want to know why I finally got a dog? It all came from a Healing Touch session. You see, when I receive Healing Touch, I often go into a meditative state. And I am not alone. Healing Touch has been proven to activate the parasympathetic system of relaxation and many people's brain waves… Continue reading How I Rediscovered A Lost Dream Through Energy Work