Digital Anxiety Journal

Just $20 for over 20 exercises tailored to help free you of your anxiety….including Guided Meditations, Cognitive Strategies, Imaginative Exercises, and Links to Videos, Apps, and other online resources. This journal has been carefully crafted to include mind, body, and spirit. Pick and choose the items that work best for you.

List Journal

One of the best ways to clear out your head is through the art of journaling.  If you are not a big journaler, then don’t worry, because I have created the perfect journal to get you started! 

It consists of only lists that you can make as long or as short as you want.  I guide you through each list with prompts to help focus you. Through my own experience, I found the power of list-making to benefit me in several ways:
  • Cleared my mind, by helping me to organize my thoughts
  • Relaxed my stress of trying to remember everything
  • Clarified my goals and my steps to get there
  • Created confidence and gratitude in me
  • Became a place I could return to when I needed encouragement

Online Mini-Course “Ways To Pray”

Coming soon!

“In my work as a hospice social worker one of my main roles is to support family members who are facing an anxious and stressful time. I try to draw out how they might care for themselves while they are also looking after their loved one. Julie’s anxiety journal has provided me with some helpful tools to mention to my clients. I think creating the self-care menu could be very effective as a visual reminder. I can then check in with my clients and ask if they have had a chance to pick some things for themselves. On a personal note, as someone who has struggled with anxiety myself, I used Julie’s journal to “practice what I preach” for self-care and found it to be very effective! I was familiar with some of the exercises and others were new to me. I would encourage anyone to look through it and try some of the exercises.”

-Dan Morris, LCSW