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A Study of the Word “Favor”

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Last January, a friend came to me for a Healing Touch session.  During the session, the words came to my mind: “You are highly favored”.  I shared this with her and she went home and researched the word.  She told me later how the word was so profound that it became her title for the year… “The Year of Favor”.

Here were some of the insights that she found:

One definition of favor is to resemble (a parent or other relative) in facial features.  As she thought of God as her parent, this meant that she resembled him.  She is his daughter, from him and like him.  This spoke directly to her self-image of being loved, worthy, and possessing the good qualities of God.

Another definition is to treat (an injured limb) gently, not putting one’s full weight on it.  If God is treating you gently, he is not judging you or requiring you to carry a heavy burden.  He wants to protect you.  And if you are wounded, he wants to give you time to heal.

If something is in your favor, it works toward the advantage of youGod is working toward your advantage. (God has favored you.)  God has your back and is on your team working all things for your good!

Favored is also defined as endowed with special advantages or gifts.  Each of us are gifted in our own unique way.  What are your gifts and talents?

At the same time, favor means to give someone what they want.  These gifts are also presents that you have wished to receive.  God desires to favor you with them.  (Don’t be discouraged because they may not come as fast as you would like or in the way that you expect.)

A favor is an act of kindness.  How can you be an act of kindness?  How has God bestowed kindnesses onto you?

Finally, one of the most common definitions of favor is to be preferred or recommended.  How does that feel to know that God not only prefers you, but also that you are recommended by God to others?

Amazing how many little truths could be hidden within a word.

  1. You resemble God, are endowed with special gifts, and are preferred and recommended by God.
  2. God wishes to bestow gifts and acts of kindness on you. God is working towards your advantage. But remember, it all comes in God’s time, not necessarily by your own plan.  In the meantime, God will be gentle with you, not making your burden too heavy.  God is there to support you.
  3. God created you to be an instrument of kindness in the world working towards love’s advantage. You can partner with God, with Love, in creating a better world.

Take a moment and soak in God’s favor.


About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and curiosities with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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