Energy Work

My Distance Healing Testimonial

Sleeping on My Back

Give me something firm on my back to hold it straight, to support me

as I lie with this soft exposed underbelly of vulnerability

that only desires to become open and free.

Protective prayer cocoon me.

Before demons enter my dreams, wrap around me,

because I can’t breathe…

Is it an underlying fear or simply my physiology,

or perhaps a mucus filling allergy,

or is it that I just need to bend my knees?

Again, the old fear surfaces, “What’s wrong with me?”

I wrote this poem after doing a movement and writing workshop through Zoom during the time of quarantine.  Exhausted and sore from not sleeping well in over a month, I didn’t know what to do.  So I asked a gifted healer for a distance healing session. 

To begin, I turned on my salt lamp, put essential oils in the diffuser, and turned on some soft music on my Insight Timer app.  Then I lay down on my back with a fuzzy blanket pulled over me.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have needed to add any of these comforts to prepare me for the session, because I was too exhausted to be anxious or distracted. 

Montse is gifted in many healing techniques, but over distance she chose to do a combination of Reiki and Body Code on me.  During the session, I could feel my brain entering those deep theta waves that happen just before sleep and during deep states of meditation.  Something funny happens when I get in this state sometimes…my hands go numb and feel like they are on backward.  Then I saw the color indigo which correlates with my third-eye chakra.  This is the chakra of intuition, insight, and wisdom.  I could feel my sinuses clearing which was a great relief from my allergies.  And for a short while I felt like I was swaying and then became completely still.  I knew this was my energy becoming balanced as my physical body had not moved at all.  When the session ended, I arose feeling like I had slept well even though I had not slept at all.

Afterwards, she told me about different issues that she had found and worked on in my body.  They correlated with my experiences of clearing my head and allergies and balancing my field.  Then she asked if I had been running a lot because there was something with my foot like it was very tired.  I had been walking my dog a lot but not running or noticing that my feet were tired.  When she addressed it, I could immediately feel their tired ache.  But something even more surprising came up later. 

Two months earlier, I had began to experience my big toe on my left foot popping out of joint quite often and I would have to adjust it back into place with my hand.  It was more an inconvenience and discomfort than it was pain, but it had been grating on me.  The rest of that day, my toe didn’t pop out.  And then to my delight, it NEVER did again.

That’s the beauty of energy healing.  You may go in with one intention, but the energy goes wherever it is needed most.  I found that more then just my initial intention of needing to feel rested and relieved of my allergies, I had been healed of another chronic condition. 

A second thing to note is that you may not feel the healing immediately, like what happened with my foot.  Another example was that my sore neck still ached from sleeping on it wrong.  But the pain had disappeared by next day.  As we often say, “the energy keeps working” even after the practitioner has stopped.  Since my session, I have slept well.  To me that also says something was cleared on an emotional and spiritual level.  Nightmares had been waking me up but they do not anymore.  I am beholden for the gift of healing that Montse offered me.

If you would like to contact Montse, you can find her at:

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