Your Life Path Number

Have you ever investigated numerology?  Numbers are all around us all of the time.  But what kind of meaning can we attribute to them?  Numerology uses numbers from your birthdate or the letters of your name to describe certain attributes you have and give you clues toward your life purpose. But is numerology just a hoax and a game, or does it have any legitimacy?

Let me tell you about what happened when I began to explore life path numbers.  You can figure yours out with a simple formula with the numbers of your birthdate.  And when I read I was a Life Path 4, I was disappointed.  It is titled “Systems Builder and Teacher” which doesn’t sound bad.  I have been a school teacher for 17 years and I am often the organizer of events.  But I don’t think I have a gift for teaching.  And I didn’t like the rest of the things that came along in the description. 

It sounded like I had a lot of family wounds to recover from, which granted is true, but isn’t it for everyone?  And it is true that I need a peaceful home environment and I like to feel safe.  But again, isn’t that true for everyone?  It said that I’m traditional and I like to follow rules and I don’t like when others don’t.  But I consider myself a bit of a rebel, when it isn’t dangerous anyway.  Although I do still follow my Catholic traditions… and I hate when people break the rules that I do follow because I believe they are important. … and I am not a big risk-taker. So maybe I am more traditional than I like to believe that I am.

What I don’t like is it says I’m very serious and I don’t want to argue with people but I always do.  These things can be true of me but I don’t want them to be.  I don’t want it to be “my nature” that I’m that way. 

I don’t want to have to learn the hard lesson of always slowing down and not skipping steps like it says.  People with my number are apparently hasty when they are younger in life and it never works out…they always have to go back and do the work.  Why?  Why can’t I cut corners like others do?  Why does everything have to be slow and steady with me? My sister always called me a turtle.  But I always move fast.  I walk fast.  I drive fast.  I finish a project without wanting to look at the details.  Supposedly, that is what I am supposed to learn to do though.  But maybe my sister could always sense it was in my nature to move at a slower pace. 

The report did nail my fears.  From a young age, I hated appearing stupid and naïve and have been concerned with acquiring knowledge and learning my whole life.  (In fact, that is why I am learning about numerology right now but remaining skeptical.). And I hate not having a plan…it gives me anxiety.  I like things planned and orderly.  I can’t stand having a week with nothing planned or having people change plans on me. 

Many relationships have brought me pain because of a feeling of lack or neglect.  I am still working through these experiences, just like it said.  So I guess really all of it was ringing uncannily true.  It even talked about how most of this life path are animal lovers and even if they don’t end up having a family, they will create one with friends and pets.  True again.

But it was this line that really brought it home for me, “One of the primary issues the number 4 must come to terms with is limitation — both the limitations that are externally imposed on you and also the limitations that you impose upon yourself.”  That’s been the story of my life and the reason why the one word intention I picked for this year was LIMITLESS.

So regardless if most of what was said applies to a lot of people, it did ring true for me. And as I figured out my friend’s life path numbers, most said it rang true for them as well. They did get different results from me. For example, the life path 9 has family wounds as well, but theirs are more about co-dependency and boundaries, which is definitely not what my wounds are about. Yet it was true of all the 9’s that I knew. This signifies that maybe the reports weren’t as generic as I though.

How is it beneficial to know your life path number? Well, for me it was just seeing my reactions to what I was reading. It allowed me to really analyze what was true for me and why I resisted some of the statements. Like any other personality test, it allows some introspection into one’s fears, motivations, and how one perceives the world.

My recommendation is to do it for fun and take the results with a grain of salt. If you are interested in reading about your life path number, check out this website:

I would love to hear about if your life path number rings true for you in the comments below.

About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and curiosities with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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