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The Quest for Truth–An Interview with Medical Intuitive Christine Lang

Have you had chronic pain, trouble with finances, or disappointing relationships? If you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works, or you just need a fresh perspective, it might be time to try a medical intuitive.

Christine Lang has been intuitive with dogs and horses ever since she was a girl. She even became a trainer for a while. It came so naturally that she thought she would be a vet. Luckily for us, she is now using her intuition on humans to help us heal.

My first meeting with Christine was as she gave a lecture to a group of Healing Touch Practitioners. She then went around the circle to answer some of our personal questions. I had been experiencing terrible seasonal allergies ever since moving to Charlotte and I was in the middle of the worst of it. I asked her what I could do about my allergies. Immediately, she could see I was low in Vitamin D and recommended that I take 5000 IUs of it a day. She also intuited that the root cause came from my mother’s side of the family having a martyrs complex and not speaking their truth. This rang true for me at the time. And I had often felt like I was shouting and no one heard me in my family. After that brief talk with her, I took the Vitamin D and my allergies have been minimal ever since.

Welcome Christine. To begin could you explain a little bit about what is a medical intuitive?

An intuitive is different than a psychic because psychics are more intuned with looking into your future, while an intuitive helps you feel and understand what is happening right now and maybe looking at how your past influences the now.

A medical intuitive can, at least in my case, see what is happening in the body. I am also clairaudient and can hear the person’s spirit and my own spirit telling me about how a person’s body, and life, got to be the way that it is right now. Everyone operates differently, so some medical intuitives’ gifts and skills work in a different way.

Most of my clients initially come to me with a chronic physical condition that they cannot figure out or the meds’ side effects are so bad that they want relief. I am less focused on “let’s fix that” than I am on understanding what is the emotional imbalance or limiting belief that is creating that condition. So even though many come originally for a physical complaint, they have stayed with me for 15 or 20 years because they want guidance through their life. We work a lot on relationships because the quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life. Learning to navigate your relationships with your co-workers, family, and partner are crucial, because what will flush up will be wounds from your past relationships. During a session, we take time to look at how these wounds are playing out in your current relationships and how we can clean that up. Most of the work we do in session is about how people are not showing up as their authentic self, basically because of “baggage”.

So you can see into the past as well?

Yes, as it relates to right now. For example, if someone is having trouble making money with their business, I might see that your father made a comment to you and so you had been operating under a limiting belief about deserving money.

Oh wow. When did you start noticing that you had this ability? How did you get into this line of work?

I was suffering from allergies while I was in law school and I was looking for a “cure”. Now they have options like Zyrtec, but back then they didn’t have any medications that didn’t make you drowsy. I had to make the decision to take 2 benedryl and drink diet coke all day to stay awake, or walk around sneezing and blowing my nose. So I started studying alternative medicine like homeopathic remedies and energy healing. As my field of studies coalesced together, I started to realize that I had abilities to pick up things about people. That led me to get Reiki attuned so that I could channel healing energy to people.

Before I would channel healing energy for someone, I would sit down and meditate to clear out the lawyer part of my brain. I would get a thought and usher it away and it would keep coming back. And I would just know why they needed the energy healing–why their shoulders were hurting, or what was going on in their personal life that was impacting their body. When I would share it with someone, they would affirm that it was true. After this happened 3 or 4 times, this made me realize that I had an information source.

I went and sat in my chair in my meditation room and said, “Who am I talking to?” And my spirit said, “Welcome home.” Tears rolled down my face and she said, “This is who you came here to be. Get ready!” And for several years after that, when I went into meditation she would teach me. She would say, “This is what it feels like when someone is on blood pressure medication or this is what it smells like when someone’s lungs are compromised.” She just taught me about what I was going to pick up on in people and what types of things leave emotional scars or create limiting beliefs in people. That was 25 years ago and here I am now. Now it is almost a direct download for me instead of needing hours of meditation.

I get the sense that you are a hard worker and disciplined. You used these gifts when you were in law school, and then they worked towards you creating this path in your life.

Yes, I was self taught in the truest sense of the word. After working on someone, I would always take notes and then look back to see if I had missed anything. I think I did use my legal training toward this. I would write down everything my spirit said and go back over it word for word to see how accurate it was with the person. I didn’t know how else to double check myself because I didn’t have a physical teacher. I didn’t want to be crazy. 90% of the things my spirit said were accurate, but I wanted to make it even better.

When studying to be a lawyer and then becoming a medical intuitive, I have always desired to be of service to people and to find the truth. The quest for the truth led me to study different spiritual teachings. But like in law, I never wanted to impart the wrong information. My goal is to get to the truth. I am my client’s advocate and I help them get to their truth.

Do you have any quick tips for how someone could start to get in touch with their intuition?

Pay more attention to how you feel, because feeling is the language of the soul. Your spirit will give you information by how you feel about something. It could be as simple as if your chest expands or contracts when you think about a certain person. How emotionally safe you feel, like how much do you want to lean toward that person or away? Pay attention to how it feels internally, both energetically and emotionally in your body. That will give you more and more information.

How do they know it is from their intuition or their fear?

That’s a good question. One idea is that they could list some of the fears in their head. Then try to put those fears aside and feel what is left over.

That’s a good idea. I need to try that!

I see that you offer healing energy sessions as well. Could you give examples of how that works on people?

Oh yeah. So someone came in with digestive issues and it turned out she was literally having trouble digesting a part of her life. As we talked through it in the session, she got a lot of clarity about why it was showing up in her body that way. She knew the changes she needed to make and the boundaries that she needed to have. And then she was much more at peace with it. We did energy work and her digestive issues were 95% better in 2 days. It’s that combination of making the shifts that you need to make in combination with the energy work. Of course, at times, energy work alone can heal a cut or a burn or another physical ailment. But some of the most powerful healings are when there is an emotional component and you can see a huge shift.

I’ve seen people with feet problems that don’t go away. And they see this podiatrist and that doctor but it doesn’t change. But then in our session they understand what they are having trouble stepping into and they make a shift. And we do energy work and the foot issue is gone right away.

Speaking of getting to the root causes of chronic issues in order to make a shift…. What are some of the root issues you’ve seen that cause anxiety?

A lot of anxiety is because we believe our own thoughts, our fearful projections of what we are imagining could happen in the future. And so I recommend Byron Katie’s book Loving What Is, because it gives you 4 simple steps to get you to question your thoughts and stop believing them.

Another thing for people with anxiety is the idea your hands and feet don’t feel fear. So put your attention there. Like if I am really stressed, I will go out and garden and work with my hands. You could try cooking or drawing to calm your nervous system down. Practical tools like that or little rituals can help. The ritual of brewing a cup of tea and drinking it slowly can help. But you can’t have the attitude, “I need to hurry up and brew this cup of tea and then I will be better”. That is what our culture is really big on, the quick fix. It’s the slow process, focusing on each step intentionally, that calms us down.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The direct experience that the universe is perfect. It doesn’t mean I never get worried or anxious. I have 2 kids- of course I do! But to just witness the perfection of the universe in a client. They might be wondering why they got fired from their job 6 years ago, but it led them to meet their best friend in their new job, and by the way his daughter is going to marry their son now. You see how everything is orchestrated by the universe and it’s so complex. You can just lean back and let God drive. At least 3 times a day, I try to take the steering wheel and drive. But then you step back into the perfection of it all. It’s hopeful and reassuring.

It’s been great talking to you, Christine! Before I go, could you tell more about the different services that you offer people?

I usually recommend that people have a session with me first just to see what it feels like to be connected with your spirit and the kind of the information that comes through. My favorite Buddhist saying is, “Be still and know.” When someone comes in, we take time to just be still for a minute so they can check in with how they are really doing. They often aren’t aware of something they are carrying until they get really still.

Then if people are interested in developing their intuition, I have a one-day beginner class where I teach my style of meditation. It teaches you how to get in touch with your spirit as well as how to begin channeling energy. I do an attunement on people and then teach them how to use their intuition to channel the healing energy.

After that, I offer a more advanced 2 day workshop for $400. That is great if you want to learn how to channel energy on yourself, your loved ones, or your pets.

I also have an online class for those who want to develop their intuition remotely. It contains short lectures and videos of guided meditations on how to ask your spirit questions– all that you can find on my website in the online classroom.

Finally, do you have any advice for people as they navigate this season of COVID?

Just to tune in to see if you are being guided by your heart or your ego fears. If you are guided by your fears, you are suppressing your immune system and causing inflammation. If you are guided by your heart and stepping into a heart expansion feeling, then you are boosting the immune system and you will have fewer regrets about your actions.

Contact Christine by email or on her website. If you want a session for a physical symptom, email her a photo and a brief synopsis of symptoms. She will connect to your spirit to see if she can help you first. If she can’t, she will tell you so that you won’t waste your time or money.

About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and curiosities with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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