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Noise Pollution

It is not just raw sound that bombards us–we also experience dissonance in mass communication. Hungry for truth, we find ourselves surrounded by the junk sound of advertising mantras that “pepsi” our thoughts, news broadcasts that obsess on violence and death, and the sensationalist stories designed to fill the already agitated mind. Suppressing the urge to express ourselves truthfully, we restrict ourselves to accepted niceties, and speak the “real” truth only behind others’ backs. The throat chakras of men are bound by neckties, which choke their individuality, while women are just beginning to break through centuries of public silence.”

-Anodea Judith Eastern Body, Western Mind

It is that busy time of year, where we are not only surrounded by the usual noises of the city, but also the noises of everyone trying to get our attention. Ads are all around us trying to sell us something… not just on the TV and radio, but all over social media and the web. The news is trying to sell us ideas. Even just reading an ad on a billboard or an opinion on a bumper sticker are examples of noise pollution. It is about the noise in our mind, distracting us and stealing our attention. You may feel like everyone wants something of you at this time of year. Charities want donations, kids want toys, friends and family want time, the boss wants more, and the list goes on. Like mentioned in the quote above, we are so bombarded by the world around us, that we are no longer connected to our inner truth.

As I was reading about the Throat Chakra in the book Eastern Body, Western Mind, I came across this quote: “How can we hear our own unique vibration in a world deafened by the roars of civilization? How can we express our truth when it goes against the accepted conformity of polite conversation? In the subtle realm of the fifth chakra, how can we find the quiet necessary to listen to the truth within?” As you ask your ownself those questions, what is the immediate answer that pops into your head? Trust yourself. Maybe your mind said to remove apps from your phone and do a media fast until Christmas. Maybe your mind said to take the first moments of each morning for quiet meditation before you enter the world.

We need to protect ourselves from the flurry of the outer world and take time to be in quiet. You don’t have to go away on a retreat to the mountains, although I do recommend doing that once year.

It is not only possible, but necessary, to carve out a place and a time in your daily routine for some quiet.

Even if you have to go inside a closet in your house, find a place free from distractions to center yourself. Take a couple deep breaths and dim the lights or close your eyes. Then connect to the rhythm of your heart and feel your feet on the ground. Just take some time to breathe and see what comes up. Read my blog to learn how to do Breath Prayer if you need some guidance. Simply checking in with yourself throughout the day to ask, “What do I need?”, can keep you in touch with your own voice. Once you feel peace within yourself, you will be able to speak your truth more clearly and live each day more authentically.

If you would like some help problem solving how to create quiet space, or you would like some help with your throat chakra, then send me an email today!

About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and curiosities with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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