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What My Dog Taught Me About Opportunities

My dog, Foxy, has been fascinated with doors ever since she was a puppy. She used to think that they were alive and wouldn’t even go behind one to get her favorite toy! Then, slowly, she took a brave step. She began to nudge the door with her nose and noticed that it would move. Once she learned to do this, her favorite thing became to nudge the door gently until it would close. Now every time she follows me into the bedroom, she nudges the door shut. And then she whines when she does not know how to open the door again! It got me thinking about all the doors in our own lives.

Doors have often been a metaphor for opportunities, choices, and pathways that we can take. At times, we may be scared of the doors in our lives…nervous they will close on us and trap us. What if that wasn’t the door that I wanted to go through after all? What if I got shut out of a great opportunity? What if I got shut in with something or someone I did not want to be with? Other times we close doors on our own selves and then don’t know how to open them again. And it is not that the door is locked forever, but we just do not yet understand how to open it.

I find Foxy’s approach interesting as she slowly nudges each door just a little bit. It is like she is recognizing her own power and testing each phase of the door shutting before she finally closes it for good. When making any decision, I think it is important to recognize our own freedom and power in it. We can choose which door to go through and which doors to shut. And like Foxy, we could choose to shut the door partway, gently nudging it, before closing it for good.

Some food for thought and reflection:

Photo by Ann Nekr
  • What doors are open to you right now? (In your career, relationships, lifestyle, dreams, etc.)
  • What are some doors that you have left open and may be time to shut now? (Relationships, commitments, etc)
  • What do you need to do before you shut the door completely?
  • What doors would you like to open back up again? Is there someone who may help you find the tools that you need to open the door? Who is on the other side of the door who could help? Why do you desire to open it again? Is it truly in your best interest?

Sometimes these doors are within yourself. For instance, you may have closed doors that you would like to reopen about your image of God or your image of yourself. Or maybe you are having trouble shutting the door on a past relationship. Allow me to help you to open and close doors in your energetic system through a Healing Touch session.

About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and curiosities with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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