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The Spiritual Meaning of A Bear in Your Path

On a trip to Tennessee with my family this summer I encountered a bear. I was leading my dad through some morning yoga poses on the front porch of our 200 year old cabin when my dog, Foxy, started barking and tearing at her leash. I turned around to see a large black bear walking… Continue reading The Spiritual Meaning of A Bear in Your Path

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Jesus’ Hot Tip on Investing

He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he made five talents more." -Matthew 25:16. What have you been doing with your "talents"? This could refer to your actual money, your natural talents, or quite simply the gifts that you have been given in this life. In this… Continue reading Jesus’ Hot Tip on Investing

Spiritual Direction

Impressive Benefits of Dream Journaling

A few years ago, I dreamt of tigers. The dreams left me more confused than frightened, so I turned to my Holy Listening group for some discernment. Strangely enough, after our conversation, some other members began to dream of tigers as well. As we discussed the many nuances of what the tigers represented in our… Continue reading Impressive Benefits of Dream Journaling

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Zentangling That Monkey Brain

How have you been treating your monkey mind? Have you been giving it free-reign? When you do, it jumps from one thought to the next, always distracted and unsettled. At times it feels like a tangled web that needs untangling. At times its chatter gets so loud, you may think that you are going crazy.… Continue reading Zentangling That Monkey Brain

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3 Benefits of Healing Touch and Spiritual Direction

  Comfort Have you recently lost someone who you loved?  Have you been seeking your soul mate (or even just a mate) to no avail?  Have you recently moved and lost your support network of friends and family?  Then experience the healing power of someone deeply listening to you.  Often we feel lonely because no… Continue reading 3 Benefits of Healing Touch and Spiritual Direction