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How to choose an Energy Practitioner

“I’m nervous…” my friend said as she climbed onto the massage table for her first Healing Touch session. She had only agreed to come to me because she knew that I needed to clock hours for my certification. “What if you find something dark in my energy field and it attaches to you? I don’t want to harm you.”

My brow furrowed in concern, “What would make you think that?” She went on to explain about her experience in a Reiki session. The practitioner had told her she had something dark clinging to her energy field. He even stopped the session because he said that he needed to disconnect from her. My mouth hung agape… this was wrong to me on so many levels.

This practitioner’s mistakes:

  • Did not properly ground and clear himself before the session
  • Told a client something that not only wasn’t for her benefit but was something he did not even understand
  • Did not educate his client on how energy healing works

And because of this, my friend had been turned off of energy healing for years and thought something dark had been clinging to her this whole time!

This is why it is important to do a little research before you choose a practitioner, and even the energy modality, that works best for you. I have included a handy checklist here of important questions you may want to consider to make sure that you find a good fit. Happy hunting!

Free downloadable checklist:

About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and curiosities with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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