Energy Work

Batteries running low?

“I felt like I just had my phone charger plugged into me. My battery was running low but still had some life in it.
Now I feel fully charged and ready to go!”
Client after a healing touch session.


Yesterday, the screen on my thermostat read “Replace battery”. Since it requires 2 double A batteries, I thought I would just try to replace one of the batteries and see if it worked.  The problem was that I didn’t have a new package of batteries, so I rummaged through my tub of half used batteries in my toolbox.  So I had a combination of rechargeable, regular, and off-brand batteries. Surely one of them would work, right?  After trying enough combinations with the batteries already in the thermostat, it finally worked. Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 4.35.45 PM

When I woke up sweating this morning, I wondered if it was just a dream I had or my air-conditioning.  Lo and behold, I was greeted with REPLACE BATTERY.  This time it didn’t even show the digits for the temperature which indicated that it was now totally dead.  Both batteries totally dead. 

I couldn’t help but relate this to our own energetic batteries.  Our chakras are like our batteries.  If one of them is reduced, we may receive some indication that we need a recharge.  People often ignore the initial signs.  Then another chakra might begin to Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 4.32.48 PMstruggle.  We may begin to start feeling heavy, tired, or anxious.  Still we might treat it like our phone and just select the Low Power Mode.  (This might look like binge-watching some Netflix.)  But as we begin to experience chronic pain, insomnia, or exhaustion, we seek a solution.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 4.36.35 PM

An energy work session will work like replacing the depleted battery or just putting it in the charger.  Immediately after the session, you should feel lighter, more energized, more relaxed.  Yet the symptoms may return in a week or even the next day.  This may mean that you need another session, to replace a battery that is struggling.  The first session may have only recharged it part way (like my half-used battery) or it may be that another chakra (the 2A battery that was in there initially) is now low.  We need all our chakras at their optimum levels in order to function at our best.  Or else you might wake up sweating!




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