Treat Yourself Birthday Deals!!!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I love joining birthday clubs at restaurants and then treating myself all week long! Here are the great finds that I used this year. Would love to know of other great deals that you have found in the comments below!

For Breakfast:

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  1. KRISPY KREME–A Dozen Glazed Donuts! Why not treat your co-workers or family? If not, you can freeze these and reheat them for 10 seconds in the morning.
  2. IHOP- Free stack of pancakes…yum! I enjoyed a stack of these and then a nice long hike on a beautiful day.
  3. DENNYS- Your choice of a birthday slam meal (yes!) or just a dessert. Love eating breakfast all day long!
  4. BRUEGGERS BAGELS- Free bagel of your choice with cream cheese. I can ride my bike on the greenway Saturday morning and stop here to treat myself.
  5. EINSTEIN BAGELS- Free egg bagel sandwich with a purchase (goes great with coffee!) Easy to grab on the way to work, or in my case on the way to a massage.
  6. WAFFLE HOUSE- Free waffles!

For Lunch:

  1. MOE’S- A very filling burrito of your choice! Can also work as a quick take out dinner on my way home from work.
  2. SBARRO- Who doesn’t love a free slice of pizza? (Why not combine this deal with the free shake from Smashburgers below?)
  3. FIREHOUSE SUBS- A free medium sub. I found this perfect for a picnic in the park.
  4. HOOTERS-10 Free Wings!

For a Snack:

  1. AUNTIE ANNE’S- A free hot pretzel…get a sweet cinnamon sugar one, sweet almond, sour cream and onion, or roasted garlic parmesan…all warm buttery, salty deliciousness!
  2. SMASHBURGERS- A free shake of your choice. Since my birthday is in the spring, I never know what the weather will be. I love that Smashburgers gives you a whole month to cash in on this deal, so that I can pick a sunny 70 degree weather day.
  3. BASKIN-ROBBINS- Want to feel like a kid again? Get a free kids scoop or do what I did and get the swirl soft serve!

For Dinner:

  1. RUBY TUESDAYS- Free burger or garden burger. I lucked out because there was one down the road from where I got my vaccination. It was the perfect treat afterwards!
  2. TUPELO HONEY- $20 to spend on food. With this, I could treat a friend to a meal with me.
  3. BAD DADDY’s- A free burger or salad. This place never disappoints considering how you can build your own burger or salad to your satisfaction.
  4. FIREBIRDS- $10 off your meal which almost covers a sandwich meal. (And when you join the club you get $10 off as well!)
  5. Honorable mention: BANG BANG BURGERS- Gives you $5 off of your meal, which is basically half off of a burger (including black bean burgers).

There are usually a few more places that give a free meal but just couldn’t afford to this year because of COVID. Maybe next year I will have an even longer list to share! TIP: I think it is easiest to download the app for each restaurant and then you have the deals right on your phone when you want to cash it in.

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