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Living My Best Life, What About You?

Want to radiate SPARKLING energy wherever you go? There is only one thing you need to do to turn that sparkle on. The answer is easy and you are going to love it!

Simply do what you love. I’ll say that again….Do what you love to to do! How easy is that? You already want to do it, and now I am giving you permission to do that thing you love that you think you never have time for. Shining your light, bringing out your sparkle, is what you were created to do. When you sparkle, you ignite joy in others and who doesn’t want more joy in the world? Plus it energizes and recharges you!

Having trouble getting started? Then try one of my favorite things: make a list. List all of the times that you were the happiest. Where were you? What were you doing? What was it that you loved about it? Notice what patterns emerge and commonalities appear. You might find that there are easy ways to ignite that spark.

Here are some areas that I have identified bring me joy:

  1. Concerts: I love the rhythm that I can dance to, the emotion behind the instruments and lyrics, the interplay between the musicians and the crowd, and most of all, sharing it with others. It gives me an experience of connectedness and harmony. We are all one.
  2. Yoga outdoors: The stretching and strengthening of my muscles reminds me what my body can do and grounds me in the here and now. I am taking time to breathe deeply. I feel taller and more powerful. Practicing outdoors allows me to feel connected to nature, God, and the whole world. I gain a big picture perspective that frees me from internal ramblings. I am free and alive!
  3. Biking: Nothing beats the feeling of the wind through your hair as you glide down a hill. The movement through the city or over a nature trail makes me feel like I am going somewhere, not just physically, but psychologically. I no longer feel stuck or stagnant. I especially prefer to do this in groups with others, because you can share the experience together, feel safety in numbers, and build camaraderie with people you may not have otherwise.
  4. Walking my dog: Walking my dog is not just a way for us to bond but also to explore the world together. It allows me to discover new places, meet new people, and get some fresh air and exercise. I feel healthy and immersed in my surroundings. It appeals to my curiosity and my inquisitive nature. We can “follow our noses” so to speak. And then the creative part of my mind opens up and my best ideas come to me. I am creative and engaged in the world.

Okay, so now it is your turn! What place could you visit, or what activity could you engage in today, to bring out your glow?

If you are still struggling to find your joy, click below to schedule a free consultation with me. I can’t wait to get you started down the path to your best life today!

About the Author: Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and learnings with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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