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The One Journaling Technique That Changed My Life

You may have already tried this method of journaling before, but have you really tried it? I first learned about it at a retreat in high school but didn’t really begin practicing it on a regular basis until about 10 years ago. It is a way to tap into your intuition, your subconcious, divine wisdom. People have sometimes described it as channeling a wiser spiritual being, their higher self, or God. Whatever you want to call it, it is an effective way to seek answers to your deepest or most pressing questions.

Here’s How: You begin by writing a letter to God. Just set the timer for 5 minutes and free write. Ask questions, complain, express gratitude, anything that you want. Then turn the page and write a letter back to yourself from God. Again set the timer for 5 minutes and just free write the response. Don’t think about what you are writing or how to say it or judge it in any way. No grammar rules apply and you may even find that you are writing in fragments, quoting song lyrics, or writing about an image in nature. Whatever it may be, there is a message in it for you. Sometimes it will be clear right away, but other times you may need to revisit it.

After writing these formal letters for about a year, I no longer need that format. Now I can simply write a question and an immediate response comes to me. Sometimes the response is only one word that I may need to let marinate and ponder for a few days. At other times, it is like a whole novel comes flooding out of me.

I encourage you to try writing a letter to God and then write God’s response back to you. If God doesn’t work for you, pick any name that you choose. Some examples include: Love, Infinite Wisdom, Holy Spirit, Mother, Jesus, My higher self, etc.

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