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The One Question to Ask Yourself to Get Unstuck

When you are feeling stuck in any area of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, romantic, etc., simply ask: Whose permission do I need right now?

For example, when I felt limited in financial freedom, I needed God’s permission to spend money on myself. Part of my issue with money was feeling like I didn’t deserve it or that it was selfish and sinful to spend it lavishly or keep it for myself. Once I took the matter to prayer, to ask God’s permission to keep it for myself, I received a resounding YES! A weight lifted from my shoulders. My life began to shift into abundance from that point on.

Another area that I felt stuck in was physically feeling tired and weak and incapable of changing that. As with many people, age had slowed my metabolism and it took longer to see the benefits of exercise. Therefore I needed more activity and strength training than I had in the past, yet my time already felt consumed with other responsibilities. In this case, I realized I needed to ask myself for permission to make my physical health a priority. Once again this felt selfish to put responsibility to myself before my responsibilities to others. Through journaling, I dialogued with myself to find what was holding me back from giving myself permission. I quickly discovered that it was an old belief system that I no longer wanted to subscribe to. When you look back on your childhood experiences with adult eyes, you see it in a new light. Then you can adjust any preconceived notions about what you need and don’t need to do.

Emotionally, we may feel that we need to ask permission of a parent, ex-lover, or someone else who may no longer be in our lives. When that is the case, a meditation or journaling exercise where you imagine talking to the other person might be all that you need to set yourself free.

At other times, you may actually need to ask a person for permission. For example, you might ask your boss to have an extra half hour on your lunch break to go to the gym.

Begin by naming the area that you are feeling stuck. Then ask yourself “Whose permission do I need right now to let go of this block?” You may want to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center into your heart and listen for the answer. Once you know whose permission you need, take some time to meditate, journal, or write out when and how you will ask that person for permission in real life.

If you need help dialoguing or journaling, I would be happy to guide you during a spiritual direction session. Or if you have already asked for permission and still feel stuck, a Healing Touch session might help you to release where you are holding it in your body.

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