Spiritual Direction

The Angel at the Crossroads

Thump, thump.  The old tires on my Honda bounced as I crossed the railroad tracks and then braked at the stop sign.  I squinted to peer over my left shoulder and up the dark hill.  A dim street light did little to illuminate the unfamiliar intersection.  I would have to make a sharp left up the hill quickly, since my view was impaired to oncoming traffic.  I took a breath and began the turn.   

Just then, bright headlights of a jeep speeding down the hill shone through my driver side window.  My foot slammed on the accelerator, inching me forward just enough to prevent the jeep from going directly through me. The sound of metal crunching exploded in my ear as my body joIted forward. The jeep T-boned my Honda, slicing into my driver’s seat and missing my flesh by inches!  I looked down at my body and there was not a single scratch or any pain.  With shaky hands, I removed my seatbelt and then a joyful laugh bubbled up.  In that frozen moment of time, I whispered, “Thank you.” 

You see, that morning, I had prayed a prayer.  I had just finished reading a book that a friend gave me for Christmas, Where Angels Walk by: Joan Wester Anderson.  I began to question if I truly did have a guardian angel.  I hadn’t recited the Guardian Angelprayer in years, thinking it was just for children.  In the front of the book, Joan told about the need to ask angels in order for them to help us.  So I decided to ask my guardian angel to reveal their existence today.  This near-death moment felt like the perfect proof!   

I climbed out of the passenger side of my car, as the driver of the mangled jeep emerged.  Looking stunned, the young man rushed over to see if I was okay.  As soon as he saw that I was fine, he sat down and began to weep.  I sat beside him and listened as he told me of his brother’s death when they were kids.  His brother had been hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street.  He couldn’t believe that he had almost been on the other side of a similar story.  He appeared to be reliving the death of his brother, and at the same time, feeling guilt for his part in this accident.  I offered some words of comfort, feeling honored to be there to walk him through his grief and relieve him of his guilt.  It was a beautiful moment of release and intimacy. The whole time, I felt held in a state of complete peace and gratitude. Jesus was here in this moment.

Shortly after that, the paramedics arrived. When they saw that we were okay, they asked, “Where is the driver of the jeep?”  The young man raised his hand and they looked shocked.  They said that they had never seen 2 people in an accident being this kind to each other.  I felt overwhelmed by love and with love.  God had given me an even greater grace than the one I had asked for that morning!

I feel certain that our guardian angels had protected both me and the other driver that night, and not only that, but they brought us together for a moment of healing.  Ever since that fateful accident, I have communicated with my Guardian Angel every day.   

Now I turn that same task to you.  If you are unsure whether to believe in angels, why not ask the angels to give you a sign?  Or try praying the Guardian Angel prayer and see what happens—it just might surprise you! 

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