Spiritual Direction

The Gift of Mary’s Mantle

Today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. If you do not know much about her apparition to Juan Diego in Mexico or the miraculous image that she left on his cloak, then you can learn more here.

But what I wanted to talk about today is the gift that Mary promises us. She promises that she is the mother of all and all can come to her for protection, guidance, and healing. She loves us unconditionally and wraps her long mantle around us to keep us warm and safe. As the queen of heaven who stomped on the serpent’s head, Mary gives us clarity so that no lies can enter our minds to destroy us. As our mother, she reminds us how perfectly we are loved right here, right now. Whenever you feel frightened or alone, call upon Mary to cover you in her mantle. Try imagining what it looks and feels like to be enfolded in her cloak.

I find it empowering to imagine her mantle like that of the image in Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is blue-green, gold trimmed, and filled with stars. I imagine it expanding and glowing covering not only me and my loved ones but each place I enter. Before I go to school in the mornings, I imagine it covering the whole school building with her protection. Not only will it protect us against gunmen and violence, but it will protect the hearts and minds of children and all who work there.

In my own personal battles, I have found great comfort in imagining her power and protection. When I wake up in a cold-sweat from a nightmare or begin to hear anxious thoughts cycling in my head, I call upon Mary’s protection. In the same way that Jesus was protected in her womb, I know that she can keep me from harm.

Listen and let it penetrate your heart…do not be troubled or weighed down with grief. Do not fear any illness or vexation, anxiety or pain. Am I not here who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not your fountain of life? Are you not in the folds of my mantle? In the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s words to Juan Diego
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

About the Author:
 Julie Glaser is a healer who creates sacred spaces for people to share, release, and grow. She’s in the habit of being in awe and wonder and writes to share her own experiences and learnings with other inquisitive souls in the process of transforming.

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