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Unwind Your Anxious Mind

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Insomnia or nightmaresInability to eat, indigestion, uclers, or a knot in your stomachUnfocused, scattered mindShortness of breath, tight chest, or choking feelingExcelled heart rate or feeling overheated in certain situationsRestless energy, yet tiredEasily frustrated and irritableCold sweats unrelated to a feverRunning mind, can't stop thoughts from spiraling… Continue reading Unwind Your Anxious Mind

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Why, Hello Shadow Self!

How do you feel about your shadow self? The term shadow self refers to the unconscious part of us or our "dark side". Often we are either suppressing it or unaware of it on a conscious level. Once we become aware of our shadow, we can choose our relationship with it. It is in fact… Continue reading Why, Hello Shadow Self!

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Noise Pollution

It is not just raw sound that bombards us--we also experience dissonance in mass communication. Hungry for truth, we find ourselves surrounded by the junk sound of advertising mantras that "pepsi" our thoughts, news broadcasts that obsess on violence and death, and the sensationalist stories designed to fill the already agitated mind. Suppressing the urge… Continue reading Noise Pollution

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The Quest for Truth–An Interview with Medical Intuitive Christine Lang

Have you had chronic pain, trouble with finances, or disappointing relationships? If you feel like you've tried everything but nothing works, or you just need a fresh perspective, it might be time to try a medical intuitive. Christine Lang has been intuitive with dogs and horses ever since she was a girl. She even became… Continue reading The Quest for Truth–An Interview with Medical Intuitive Christine Lang