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3 Benefits of Healing Touch and Spiritual Direction

  Comfort Have you recently lost someone who you loved?  Have you been seeking your soul mate (or even just a mate) to no avail?  Have you recently moved and lost your support network of friends and family?  Then experience the healing power of someone deeply listening to you.  Often we feel lonely because no… Continue reading 3 Benefits of Healing Touch and Spiritual Direction

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My Go-To Trick To Fight Insomnia

Black light curtains drawn, temperature turned down to 65 degrees, and white noise blanketed the room....still I tossed and turned like a sailboat in a storm. My brain wouldn't shut off, cut off, or lay off. Anxiety had crept in and taken hold of me with the evil intent to imprint dark circles under my… Continue reading My Go-To Trick To Fight Insomnia

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Unwind Your Anxious Mind

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Insomnia or nightmaresInability to eat, indigestion, uclers, or a knot in your stomachUnfocused, scattered mindShortness of breath, tight chest, or choking feelingExcelled heart rate or feeling overheated in certain situationsRestless energy, yet tiredEasily frustrated and irritableCold sweats unrelated to a feverRunning mind, can't stop thoughts from spiraling… Continue reading Unwind Your Anxious Mind