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It Can All Change In Less Than A Minute

Let me tell you about the last time that I received Healing Touch. I went into the appointment with no clarity about what I needed to release or receive, I only knew that I was carrying something in my tense neck and shoulders. Through some discussion before the session, I thought it may be some… Continue reading It Can All Change In Less Than A Minute

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The “Elite Eight” of Energy Work

As many are watching the Elite 8 teams in college basketball play-offs this weekend, I thought, "Why not share my own list of the Elite 8 in energy wellness?" So here it goes: Importance of Grounding Grounding yourself, feeling connected to your body and the earth, is one of the first steps to any energy… Continue reading The “Elite Eight” of Energy Work

Energy Work

What Sets Healing Touch apart?

When looking into the fields of energy work and holistic healing practices, there is a whole lot to choose from! More than once I have been asked what sets Healing Touch apart. For me, it is that it requires the same degree of profession as any other practice in the Western medical field. Just as… Continue reading What Sets Healing Touch apart?

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The Greatest Need In Our World Today

As I look around at the people who are frustrated in my life and in the world, I see one thing in common for all of them. The wounded voice. People feel like no matter how they express themselves, they are not understood, not appreciated, or in many times just plain ignored. Some have stopped… Continue reading The Greatest Need In Our World Today

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3 Benefits of Healing Touch and Spiritual Direction

  Comfort Have you recently lost someone who you loved?  Have you been seeking your soul mate (or even just a mate) to no avail?  Have you recently moved and lost your support network of friends and family?  Then experience the healing power of someone deeply listening to you.  Often we feel lonely because no… Continue reading 3 Benefits of Healing Touch and Spiritual Direction